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A Pretentious Salad Dressing

I came across this on A Cup of Jo and Mom Filter recently…and thought that this was too pretentious for me to NOT blog about. I ABSOLUTELY love this company — it fills me with nostalgia for the “good old days” where you knew your grocer and bought ice cream for a mere penny (well, it was 7 kronor, but still!).

My favorite new dressing in a jar

Crane Crest’s Real French Dressing is a one-product venture with no web site, just a phone number, 617.277.1325. You simply leave a message with your address and phone number (just in case). They mail you the product ($18 for a case of six) with an invoice.

Isn’t this such an amazing idea? And this fits in so well with our generations’ quest to find the new & undiscovered, and to tell a story about how new and cool your gift is? I recently read this and felt it was so spot on.

What mattered most, to the partygoers and their hosts, were the narratives that accompanied the drinks. “We found that there is this general shift away from premium alcohol, at least as it’s defined by price point, toward something that has a story behind it,” Lieskovsky says. “They told anecdotes from their own lives in which a product played a central role—humorous, self-deprecating stories about first encountering a vodka, or discovering a liqueur while traveling in Costa Rica or Mexico.” The stories were a way to let people show humor, or to declare that they’re, for instance, the kind of Austin lesbians who, upon finding exotic elixirs in far-off lands, are brave enough to try them.

Be honest…when was the last time you gave a present that didn’t include an anecdote? I must admit…I will certainly be buying this and sharing story to anyone who will listen! I’m pretentious, what can I say, DAH-LING!



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